About EH Football - MS

Mission & Purpose Statement

Mission Statement:

Ezell-Harding Christian School is dedicated to the ideal of helping each student realize the full potential God has instilled in him or her. This is a place where students can learn for their future on earth and for eternity.

Statement of Purpose:

Ezell-Harding Christian School exists to teach young people God's revealed will to man through the Bible and to encourage them to grow and mature in the likeness of Christ. Luke 2:52 serves as a motto: "...and Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man." With daily Bible instruction as the core of the curriculum, weekly chapel services and devotional periods are held each morning; our academic curriculum is selected to insure an advanced education leading to a variety of careers. Extra-curricular activities are offered to enhance the students' physical, social and personal development. EHCS students are urged to stretch their minds, bodies, and hearts, to become useful citizens for our country and in God's kingdom.